Some Known Details About Car Paint Protection

Jim Jordan to be moved to House intelligence committee trump says he’s cutting off FEMA funding for California wildfires Book by "Anonymous" is said to paint "chilling. Thursday’s report documented.Genuine ceramic protection is what professional detailers refer to as paint protection. Once the paint work has been decontaminated and corrected only then is when these high grade products can be applied offering a superficial layer that’s resistance to acid and alkaline attacks, water repellent, self cleaning and extremely scratch resistant.gardx’s revolutionary 2 Stage paint protection system etches 4 layers of protective sealant into the core of your vehicle’s paintwork. If you look at the paintwork of a new or used vehicle under a microscope you will see lots of imperfections, known as ‘castellations’.A Comparison of Dealership Paint Protection Packages and certified ceramic coating installation july 20, 2017 November 14, 2017 If you’ve recently bought or are in the process of buying a new car you know that dealers will try to push all sorts of extras on you, from rust-proofing to so-called "paint protection packages."My dealer added $3k to the sticker (did not pay sticker) and all I can confirm was added is NitroFill in the tires (hey the caps are neat), pinstripes, and some clear tape on the door edges that I have since removed. I’m not sure if your pkg included any actual paint protection film like Xpel, you’ll have to ask the dealer.Paint protection is unequivocally bullshit. Modern automotive paint has a rock-hard clear coat over the colour. The clear coat does not need protecting.Ceramic-based paint coatings are designed to be applied wet, and harden up after drying to act like a layer of glass-like protection between your paint and harmful contaminants. It doesn’t take much to imagine the kind of damage that can be done to a car’s paint by bird droppings, leaves, dirt and stones.Modern cars have a rock-hard clear coat of paint over the colour coat. It’s like a bulletproof vest for paint: 30+ protection, and tough as nails. The so-called ‘paint protection’ offered by dealers is just a scam. It’s unnecessary and also of dubious value.